The art of CVS couponing

Just as I thought I had perfected the art of CVS couponing and “rolling” my Extrabucks, I learned something new today! Apparently you can’t pay the tax with Extrabucks. So no matter what, you will always have to pay the tax out of pocket. Here’s what happened to me today:


I picked up 3 Aveeno lotions. Two were $8.29 each and one was $8.99. I used (1) $2 off 2 Aveeno and (1) $1 off 1 Aveeno coupons from last Sundays inserts. The CVS magic coupon machine printed me a 30% off body lotions coupon!! So I used that too! I had $16 in Extrabucks from my last purchase. I used them to pay, but since you apparently have to pay the tax out of pocket, the machine only used $4.89 of my $6.00 Extrabuck!! Luckily the cashier felt bad for me and was super nice and printed me a $2 Extrabuck to make up for it! Plus the CVS Aveeno deal was buy 3, Get $8 Extrabucks.


End result – 3 Aveeno lotions, Paid $2.08 OOP. Got $10 in Extrabucks back!


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