A classic with a (big) kick!

GrilledCheese&TomSoup (2)

Last night Conor made grilled cheese and tomato soup at my request. I had been craving it all week! This is the recipe he used – Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup. The grilled cheese was AMAZING. It may have been the most delicious grilled cheese I’ve ever had. He bought multigrain bread from the bakery at Price Chopper and it was yummy. He followed the recipe and used both American & cheddar cheeses, and somehow made the bread nice and crispy on the outside but the cheese was super melty on the inside. Yuummm. There was a little incident with the soup though.. He didn’t measure the red pepper flakes and just kinda tossed a few in there. Ooops! It was a little too spicy. We still dipped our sandwiches in it but didn’t actually eat the soup. It tasted like it would have been really good if it wasn’t soo spicy! I think he is going to try to make it again next week because he was pretty mad about it. I certainly wouldn’t mind eating that dinner again!


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