If you know me, you know that both Conor and I have weird work schedules. If you don’t know me.. my boyfriend and I have weird work schedules.. which sometimes becomes a huge downfall of eating healthy. So yesterday morning I made an attempt to prepare some healthy food for the week. First, I made this – Zoodles and turkey meatballs! In this recipe, she calls for “leftover crock pot turkey meatballs” but I just used her Skinny Italian Meatballs recipe. I followed this recipe exactly and everything turned out great! The only thing I would do different next time is to use a bigger pot. I used my medium size pot and some sauce started to overflow after I put the meatballs in. Made a mess on the stove. Oops. Since I wasn’t actually going to be home on time to eat dinner with Conor.. I just “zoodle-ized” (is that a word? I think I just made it up) the zucchini and left it in a Tupperware in the fridge for him. Zoodles1When he was ready for it, he prepared it according to the directions, heated up the turkey meatballs and sauce and voila! dinner! He left me some zoodles so I just heated everything up when I got home from work. The zoodles were actually fine re-heated, which is what I was worried about. Good to know that I can prepare the complete meal in the morning and just heat it up when I get home. This recipe was easy and delicious – definitely a keeper. Not the best picture .. I forgot to take one but luckily Conor had sent me this!

Zoodles2 (2)


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